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        Linkpower Electronics Co., Ltd-A
        professional power supply design and manufacturing enterprise.

        Our company is a Taiwan-funded enterprise, founded in 1997.

        Located in Zhejiang Province of south-east in China, the factory covers 41000 square meters with the Power Supply R&D, manufacturing, QC and sales to all over the world.

        Well-equipped factory provides us excellent systematic services and solutions for customers

        As a design-oriented company to power supply (ODM/OEM)→ quality assurance→mass production to meet customers’ kinds of demand.

        The R & D team with about 50 engineers, focused on stable design and fast response win many vital and big customers high praise and keep long-term cooperation.

        Our products are mainly distributed in LED lighting, communication equipment, electric furniture (including medical beds) and other fields, widely used in Japan, Europe, the United States and South Korea's high-end places (commercial facilities, public facilities, offices, hospitals and homes) .

        Sincerely looking forward to mutual cooperation with you. 

        • PD Charger
        • LED Power Supply
        • POWER SUPPLY
        • LED Lamp
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